In this video, you will learn one of the most important concepts on the real estate exam.
• Real vs Personal property
• Appurtenance
• Tangible and Intangible
After that, we will have the practice questions to check your knowledge.

Get your California real estate license with Real Estate School in Coachella Valley!


If you have already taken the three college level courses and only need to prepare for the state exam, we suggest this option. Our instructor will review the most important topics typically found on the State Exam. This full day review will help you pass the test the first time.

In addition to lecture on basic real estate subjects, this live prep course will include:

1. Helpful exam taking hints that will add points to your score

2. A simplified approach to solving word problems

3. Strategies for the white board that you are provided

4. Strategies for those who are not good at complex math problems

and much more!