Officially launched on October 1, 2021, DRE’s new Online Exam License Application (OELA) allows electronic submission of salesperson or broker real estate exam or exam/license applications through eLicensing.

Users can also upload any necessary documents and pay the required fees online. OELA is fast, efficient, and eliminates the need to print and mail a paper application and supporting documents. It also provides step-by-step instructions to guide users through the application process, and requires that an application be fully complete before it can be submitted.

If a deficiency is identified during processing, DRE will email applicants with information about how to resolve the issue electronically, significantly reducing mail and processing time.

DRE’s helpful video, Materials to Gather Before You Apply for Your California Real Estate License, reviews the information and documents needed to apply through OELA to either take the real estate exam or submit an application for both the real estate exam and license.

Users can also check the status of their application online from the time they begin the electronic application through to when DRE has processed and approved it. Once DRE approves an application, the applicant will receive an email message that they can use eLicensing to schedule their real estate exam.

Since OELA’s official launch the volume of paper applications received by DRE has sharply decreased, along with the number of applications with deficiencies or missing information. This new streamlined process allows DRE staff to focus on processing applications, thus reducing both processing timeframes and the time an otherwise eligible applicant must wait to schedule and take their real estate exam.

Although OELA has only been available a few short months, it has already become a valuable addition to DRE’s many online licensing services, and underscores DRE’s commitment to improving its processes through innovative strategies and the continued use of technology.