How hard is the California Real Estate Exam?

In fiscal year 2021-22, DRE saw significant increases in a number of areas, including exams administered and, subsequently, licenses issued. How hard is the California Real Estate Exam? California Real Estate License Exam Administration DRE’s five examination centers (Sacramento, Oakland, Fresno, La Palma, and San Diego) continued to operate at 50 percent capacity throughout most [...]

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How much does a Real Estate Agent make in Palm Springs?

Due to the favorable real estate market, interest in obtaining a real estate license has increased significantly in recent years. The number of licensees has increased by 2% compare to a year ago reaching a total of 437,209 licensees at the end of September 2022. These are amazing times for the real estate industry. We [...]

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Avoid Potential Denial of Your Real Estate License Application

A background investigation is conducted on all California real estate license applicants and disclosure of a conviction or failure to disclose a conviction may result in a recommendation of denial of a real estate license. If your application for a license is denied, your license fees will not be refunded. Denial of a license may [...]

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California Real Estate Exam Pass Rate Slides in the 2nd Quarter 2022

Your real estate license is your ticket to a new career, and passing the salesperson exam is one of the mandatory requirements. The pass rate for the California Real Estate Salesperson Exam fell to 45% in the 2nd Quarter of 2022, according to the latest statistic from the California Department of Real Estate. In the [...]

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Changes Coming to Continuing Education Requirements in January 2023

As a reminder to licensees, Senate Bill 263 (SB 263), which amended the continuing education requirements for real estate licensees, becomes effective January 1, 2023. All licensees with a license expiration date on or after January 1, 2023, and those renewing on a late basis after January 1, 2023, will need to complete a new [...]

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How Hard Is the California Real Estate Exam in 2022? California Real Estate Licensing Statistics

From January 2021 to January 2022, the top trending “how to become” career search was a real estate agent, according to Google. Between 2020 and 2021, more people than ever—over 156,000—became realtors, which is a 60% surge as compared to the two years prior, as reported by The New York Times. California's median home price increased to a [...]

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Passed the California Real Estate Exam! – Tips & Advice

Our group study student Ronny Rudy Karepu passed his Real Estate exam! Congratulations! Here are some tips he has for you. Get your California real estate license with Real Estate School in Coachella Valley!

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DRE Works to Curb Unlicensed Activity

In addition to focusing on consumer protection through the licensure, regulation, and education of real estate licensees, DRE also places great emphasis on ensuring that consumers, licensees, and others in the industry are protected from those who practice without a license. The recent outcomes of two cases demonstrate DRE’s commitment to this effort. Unlicensed Property [...]

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Fast, Efficient, and Easy to Use – Online Real Estate License Applications

Officially launched on October 1, 2021, DRE’s new Online Exam License Application (OELA) allows electronic submission of salesperson or broker real estate exam or exam/license applications through eLicensing. Users can also upload any necessary documents and pay the required fees online. OELA is fast, efficient, and eliminates the need to print and mail a paper [...]

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New state laws affecting CA real estate licensees

New state laws affecting CA real estate licensees and applicants are set to begin on January 1, 2022, unless otherwise noted. Below are summaries of new state laws that affect real estate licensees and applicants. Beginning January 1, 2023, Senate Bill (SB) 263 modifies the content of two courses required to take either the real [...]

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